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Our Mission
Binge Drinking and Alcohol Prevention

The coalition usually focuses on youth substance use prevention. However, with state data indicating the rise in prescription drug use across the entire state, the Department of Drug Abuse Services has indicated the need for coalitions to also address the need for prevention toward the whole population when it comes to prescription drugs. Many get addicted to prescription pain killers by accident. However, many use them knowing the effect of them as well as the ease in obtaining them. Prescription drug overdose deaths in TN have doubled since 1999, and there are 91 pills per person prescribed for those over 12 years of age in TN. Those numbers are staggering and it is the coalitions job to try to prevent the misuse of these drugs in a number of different ways. Such as drug take backs, offering lock boxes to those who have medications in their home, drug tests for parents who have suspicions of their youth using, and of course education.

It is the Mission of the Stewart County Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention to reduce and eliminate the underage use of drugs and alcohol. However, it preventing these things we also see our mission as an opportunity to make our whole community safer and healthier.


The Mission Statement


Empowering Our Community to Live Healthy Lives by Providing; Prevention Services, Intervention Information and Referral and Recovery Resources and Referral for Children and Adults

Tobacco Use Prevention
Prescription Drug Use Prevention

Stewart County Alliance

For Substance Abuse


Binge drinking prevention has been one of the primary tasks for this coalition since its inception.

In 2010 the grant that funds the coalition became available, so in assessing the needs of our community and youth, surveys were given. The percentage of binge drinking behavior was as astounding for such a small school population. Binge drinking behavior was reported by 37.2% of the students who took the survey.


Binge drinking behaviors are defined as 4 or more drinks for women and 5 or more for men at least once every 30 days.

In 2013 grant funds required us to begin Tobacco Prevention. 

In a county that has many families who depend on growing tobacco as its livelihood, we understand the misconception of some residents and farmers who may think we are trying to take away tobacco products from everyone. Though we are certainly concered for all people using tobacco products our focus is on preventing use amoung our 12-17 year old population. Surveys given at Stewart County High School indicate 40% of the respondants who use tobacco products on a regular basis. Not only is tobacco addictive and cancer causing, but in this age group it is against the law.

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